How to Create NFT Art Without Coding?

To create an NFT without having to write a code, you need to use a special program called NFT generators. NFT generators help you create entire collections easily by navigating through the program interface without writing a single line of code. Let's explore this phenomenon in more detail.

What is NFT and how are collection items that we see in the lists of top upcoming NFT projects created? An NFT is a token that lives on a blockchain network. Each such token is unique and has no analogues. That's why they are called non-fungible. NFT is often used as a certificate of possession of something in the physical or virtual world. So, to create an NFT, before you had to create a so-called smart contract, in other words, a program that operates on a blockchain according to predetermined rules. And of course, to write any program, including this one, you need programming skills.

However, due to the popularity of NFTs and the fact that this particular phenomenon from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain came to the masses and attracted an unprecedented amount of attention from the general public, investors, and entrepreneurs, so-called generators - programs that allow to create NFT without any programming skills began to pop up.


Such software allows you to create up to 10 thousand NFT collectibles just by uploading a single file on the basis of which you intend to create your NFTs. Then it's up to you whether you draw a picture and attach it to your NFTs, take a photo or sell an old photo that's lying around in your archives - it's up to you. You never know what will turn out to be popular in the NFT world! However, our advice to you is that you don't have to learn coding, but you should still dive into the basics of blockchain first and understand how it works, how wallets and marketplaces function, and what is behind the NFT coin that has magically appeared in your wallet. Good luck!